Oncidium Foundation

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The Oncidium Foundation

The Oncidium foundation is dedicated to promoting Radiotheranostics (RT) for cancer therapy. It strives to connect patients, practitioners & experts in the Nuc. Med. field by raising awareness & improving access to cancer treatments & clinical trials worldwide. 3 pillars:

ACCESS – Through a platform that will create cohesion between all interlocutors. Notably, for patients, to find the nearest treatment center, current clinical trials & to facilitate communication with medical experts; For practitioners to register their therapy centers; For RT experts to help promote precision medicine & its progresses. Thus, bridging the gap between people to advance availability of this innovative & life-saving technology.

EDUCATION – Education & awareness are essential, as it helps bring a better understanding of the functioning & benefits of RT, still unknown to some practitioners & the general public.

HOPE – When other cures are not an option. The foundation is evaluating all possibilities to support clinical developments of efficient RT & individual cases to reduce treatment overall costs in low income countries. 

Moreover, Oncidium cannot act alone & be efficient. The solution is to build a worldwide network of Oncidium Ambassadors in each country for awareness & education campaigns, local collaborations & shared knowledge. 

Together, let's commit to enhance Access, Education & Hope!

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