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Located near Aix-en-Provence, in France, PMB is a 130-employee SMB. With a strong expertise in brazing, the company designs and manufactures complex mechanical assemblies and components (ceramic-metal, radio-frequency…), linear particle accelerators and cyclotrons. PMB is part of the French industrial group ALCEN (defense & security, energy, medical & healthcare and aeronautics & space).

PMB has developed a cutting-edge, automated radiopharmaceutical production system for PET imaging, combining a cyclotron with a robotized radiochemistry room, complete with an automated quality control device. A 12 MeV superconducting cyclotron produces 18F, 11C and 68Ga radioisotopes, which are used to label a targeting agent in a robotized radiochemistry room. Quality control is then carried out through an automated process to test the synthesized molecule.

iMiGiNE provides an unprecedented solution to current limitations in the radiopharmaceutical production and distribution process, by relocating the production close to the patient and expanding the spectrum of possibilities in the fields of molecular imaging and diagnostics. Furthermore, by allowing same-day diagnosis with multiple more specific radiopharmaceuticals, iMiGiNE improves patient care through adequate treatment and precise monitoring of the disease. 

With iMiGiNE, personalized molecular imaging becomes a reality. 

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