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MR Solutions extends a warm welcome to all delegates

MR SOLUTIONS GROUP develops and manufactures innovative MR, CT, PET and SPECT imaging solutions. All scanners are interchangeable between each other for multi-modality imaging.

The company is the worldwide leader in high-field cryogen-free MR and delivers systems up to 9.4T with a bore size up to 42 cm. This technology has exclusive features such as rotating the system to 90° and to change the field within few minutes. It doesn’t require pipes and heavy site building therefore the installation cost is extremely low. 

PET/MR imaging is possible up to 9.4T simultaneously. PET and SPECT scanners are dissociable within a few minutes from the MR and pluggable onto the CT. It avoids duplicating the scanners for multi-modality imaging.

Four models of PET/CT’s and CT’s are available: a Benchtop, two high resolutions models and finally a very large bore for 12 kg animals. 

MR SOLUTIONS can refurbish and enhance all components from any MR system. MR Solutions manufacture compatible gradients.

MR Solutions holds the prestigious Queen’s awards, the innovation award from the Institute of Physics and is the winner in the global R&D 100 awards. 

MR Solutions has offices all across the world.

Brands: Magnetic Resonance imaging • MRS*DRYMAG 9.4T – 7.0T – 4.7T – 3.0T • EVO spectrometers • MR Gradient and console upgrade Molecular Nuclear imaging • MRS*PET INSERT & CLIP-ON • MRS*PET/MR • MRS*PET/SPECT/CT


    Preclinical MRI 3T – 4.7T – 7T – 9.4T – Variable field – Cryogen-free – Dry Magnet – high gradient strength – bore size up to 42 cm – rotating magnet – no quench pipes or valves...


    MRS*DRYMAG is the latest generation of superconducting magnets manufactured by MR SOLUTIONS. This magnet technology does not require consumable such as liquid helium for the cooling, therefore no quench pipes or valves are necessary, making the installation inexpensive and easy. MRS*DRYMAG can be installed in a limited space, in pathogen free pressure controlled room and BSL4 laboratories..

    MRS*PET INSERT allows simultaneous PET/MR imaging with all the magnets and the MRS*PET CLIP-ON allows both PET/MR and PET/CT imaging. SPECT/MR imaging is also possible.

    1. MRS*DRYMAG 9.4T: advanced cryogen-free MR
    2. MRS*DRYMAG 7.0T: advanced cryogen-free MR
    3. MRS*DRYMAG 4.7T: advanced cryogen-free MR
    4. MRS*DRYMAG 3.0T: advanced cryogen-free MR

    MRS*DRYMAG can be ramped down and ramped up to any field strengths within few minutes. For instance from 9.4T to 3T for clinical and preclinical translational imaging studies , to 1T for contrast agent development, to 0.5T for ex-vivo studies.

    SmartMI, our machine learning software is available on all new MRS*DRYMAG models

    MR Solutions’ Preclinical PET/MR product range up to 9.4T and up to 42 cm bore size. All systems are cryogen-free based on the proprietary dry magnet technology.Simultaneous imaging with MRS*PET INSERT and Sequential imaging with MRS*PET CLIP-ON....


    Two PET/MR configurations are available: Simultaneous imaging with MRS*PET INSERT and Sequential imaging with MRS*PET CLIP-ON.

    1. MRS*PET/MR 9.4T: Cryogen-free, dry magnet
    2. MRS*PET/MR 7.0T: Cryogen-free, dry magnet
    3. MRS*PET/MR 4.7T: Cryogen-free, dry magnet
    4. MRS*PET/MR 3.0T: Cryogen-free, dry magnet

    #1 Multi-parametric data and synchronised imaging:

    MRS*PET INSERT is designed for simultaneousacquisition together with the cryogen-free MR modality. It permits multi-parametric information on the same subject and has the advantage to reduce the anaesthesia duration.

    #2 Sequential imaging:

    MRS*PET CLIP-ON is designed for sequentialacquisition with the cryogen-free MR modality.  The two modalities are in-line on the same axis and with the motorised bed the subject is automatically transferred from one modality to the other.

    PET/MR scanners from MR Solutions are available with large bore sizes, up to 42 cm:

    Subjects such as mice, rats, rabbits, marmosets, guinea pigs, hamsters, monkeys, macaque becomes possible. Researcher can cover various research applications such as Neurology (brain), Oncology (cancer), Cardiology (heart), inflammatory and others. MR Solutions PET/MR are specifically optimised for the academic research laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.

    PET/CT scanners from MR Solutions are available with different bore sizes allowing research studies on various application...


    Mice, rats and marmosets imaging:

    1. MRS*PET/CT Benchtop: Compact PET/CT device for small environment installation, provided with a motorized bed between PET and CT.
    2. MRS*PET/CT 80: Floor standing PET/CT based on a high resolution CT with a variable zoom achieving 5 µm resolution.

    Guinea Pigs, rabbits and large animals up to 12 Kg

    1. MRS*PET/CT 120: Bore size of 160 mm allows 3kg animal imaging such as rabbits, guinea pigs. The system is based on a high resolution CT achieving 10µm
    2. MRS*PET/CT 220: Large bore PET/CT designed for animals weighing up to 12 kg.
    The MRS*SPECT is based on the CLIP-ON technology for SPECT/CT and SPECT/MR up to 9.4T. The system can be moved between the CT and the MR within minutes...


    • Sequential SPECT/MR and SPECT/CT imaging
    • Multi-pinhole apertures for high resolution or high sensitivity
    • Benchtop SPECT/CT or floor standing version with high resolution CT up to 5 µm
    • Whole body rodents
    • Compatible with MR up to 9.4T.
    • SPECT field of view: extended Axial ≤ 300mm , transaxial ≤80 mm
  • EVO Spectrometer
    MR SOLUTIONS is proud to offer its 10th generation MRI Spectrometer console, the EVO2 for preclinical and clinical MR imaging system control and operation. This complements the very successful EVO spectrometer....

  • MR SOLUTIONS is proud to offer its 10th generation MRI Spectrometer console, the EVO2 for preclinical and clinical MR imaging system control and operation. This complements the very successful EVO spectrometer. With over 2000 operational units installed across the world, MR SOLUTIONS is recognized as the leading independent developer and supplier of MRI spectrometers to OEM’S and single users.

    More information here

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