Walischmiller Engineering GmbH

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Customers rely on us and our manipultors whenever safety and quality are needed to protect life.

Wälischmiller Engineering with NVE-HWM are the provider of the nuclear medicine industry most innovative and reliable nuclear manipulators. The company has a hard earned international reputation for performance, excellence in engineering and exceptional robotic hardware.


  • robot system TELBOT® with unique capabilities which includes unlimited rotation in all axes, no wiring inside or outside the TELBOT® arm, and unlimited fast and precise movement
  • mechanical telemanipulators for a wide range of applications (models A100 and A200)
  • universal grippers
  • custom solutions ranging from simple tools to custom automation.


  • engineering including product design and development
  • high manufacturing including single part assembly
  • all required specialised staff available within the company
  • installation at sites
  • worldwide service and maintenance

By working closely with our specialist engineers and project managers, you can be confident of receiving not just an off-the shelf product, but a custom-tailored solution to your problems that offers highest quality and guarantee of long-term operational safety to even most-demanding customers.

The company is certified according ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, DIN ISO 45001:2018, KTA 1401 and ATEX.

Brands: HWM, Wälischmiller Engineering, TELBOT®


  • A200 articulated manipulator
    The Wälischmiller Engineering A200 articulated manipulator is a telemanipulator for remotely-operated handling of objects and tools in boxes and small to medium sized cells....

  • The A200 makes precise, speedy and safe handling possible, particularly of hazardous substances in nuclear medicine, bio-technology and nuclear technology.

    The manipulator consists of a through-wall tube, a working arm in the cell/ box and an operating arm (on the operator side). The arms of the A200 consist of a shoulder, an elbow and a wrist.

    The working and operating arms are linked by the wall bushing. The through-wall tube is integrated into the screening wall. Thus the through-wall tube creates a protective barrier between the operator and the working side of a cell or box. It can also come in a gas-proof version. Due to this construction, the operator can safely handle hazardous objects in the cell.

    The object to be handled is immediately perceptible thanks to direct transmission. The weight compensation system prevents operator fatigue, particularly if the working arm is fully extended. Ergonomically-shaped handles make operation more comfortable.

    The manipulators can be fitted with protective covers (bootings) to prevent contamination and soiling on the working arm in the cell.

    For more information visit our website > hwm.com

  • A100 telescope manipulator
    Finding the perfect match for your individual requirements is no problem thanks to the modularity of the A100 Series and its multiple accessories....

  • Safety is paramount when working with radioactive materials. This is exactly what our manipulator provides. With the A100 your hand movements are transmitted precisely and loss-free from the master arm to theslave arm. This perfect interaction is achieved by an optimum combination of components, precise structure and minimum friction. The A100 has good reason for being one of the most precise manipulators on the market.


    The A100 system consists of three units: a working arm (in the cell), a through-wall tube and an operating arm. Working arm, operating arm and wall bushing can be separated from one another quickly and easily. This means the wall bushing can be left in the screening wall for maintenance purposes, retaining its radiation protection properties and gas-proof closure.

    The A100 is available as a basic or double-telescopic manipulator. You can reach more remote working areas. The A100 components in the hot cell, such as gripper tongs, gripper jaws or additional tools can be changed remotely. Even when using protective covers (bootings).

    For more information about easier handling for right- and left-handed, Weight compensation and strong arguments for the A100 manipulator, please visit our website > hwm.com


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