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Welcome to the space of Precision DNA Break Detection!

intoDNA is a growing biotech start-up that offers an end-to-end process for DNA break detection with STRIDE, its proprietary technology.

It is the first platform technology for the direct detection of DNA ends. It outcompetes all other tools in its sensitivity, providing a reliable measure of DNA damage at an individual lesion level. STRIDE selectively marks either single- or double-strand DNA breaks. It tracks even subtle elevations in DNA break levels, which translates into a better understanding of drug pharmacodynamic effects, and their molecular mechanisms of action.

STRIDE has been successfully used by leaders in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and renowned academic groups in DNA damage response, cancer immunotherapy space, and has been gaining traction in nuclear medicine. Explore our seminar paper and research work featuring STRIDE

STRIDE outstanding properties:

  • Sensitivity
  • Specificity
  • Selectivity

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STRIDE. Sensitive DNA Break Detection.


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