MultiFunctional Imaging LLC

South Ogden,  UT 
United States
  • Booth: 138

MultiFunctional Imaging LLC (MFI) provides software solutions for improving the efficiency and accessibility of multi-tracer imaging with PET, PET/CT, and PET/MR scanners.  MFI is developing state-of-the-art technologies for advanced imaging applications, targeting new approaches for obtaining and quantifying multiple imaging results in a single scan.

MFI’s 510k-cleared clinical mfiVerse software enables acquisition of both rest and stress myocardial perfusion PET images in a single scan as short as 15 minutes.

This is complemented by our mfEVolve research software (RESEARCH USE ONLY), which provides fast and robust processing of single- and multi-tracer images, including quantitative compartment modeling, recovery of individual-tracer images from multi-tracer inputs, and image quality assessments.

Visit us at booth 138 to explore the future of multi-tracer PET imaging.

Brands: •mfiVerse - FDA cleared clinical software for rest+stress cardiac PET is as little as 15 minutes •mfEVolve - Research software for multi-tracer PET development, kinetic modeling, and image quality assessments


  • mfiVerse
    FDA 510(k) cleared clinical software for rest+stress myocardial perfusion PET imaging in a single scan...

  • Powerful clinical software optimizes patient throughput

    Rest+Stress Myocardial Perfusion PET in a Single Scan

    mfiVerse™ enables rest and stress cardiac PET images to be acquired immediately back-to-back, with no waiting between scans.  Using advanced image processing techniques, mfiVerse™ corrects for residual tracer activity and outputs separate, high quality images at rest and stress.

    What can mfiVerse™ do for you?

    • Complete rest + stress myocardial perfusion PET exams in under 30 minutes
    • Double your scanner throughput
    • Output static images, dynamic images, or both
    • Compatible with cardiac gating
    • Natively aligned rest and stress images
    • Simplified patient scheduling
    • Greatly improved paitent experience
    • mfiVerse if FDA 510k cleared for rest-stress myocardial perfusion PET with approved radiotracers

    Protected by US Patents 7,484,556 and 10,175,216; other patents may be pending.

  • mfEVolve
    Research software facilitating multi-tracer PET imaging research, quantitative kinetic modeling, and image quality assessments...


    mfEVolve™ facilitates multi-tracer and quantitative dynamic PET research studies by providing tools for processing, analyzing, and quantifying PET images.

    Oncology Module

    • Enables clinical research studies with 2-3 PET tracers in a single scan
    • Recover individal-tracer images from multi-tracer scans
    • Facilitates design and testing of new multi-tracer PET imaging protocols

    Kinetics Module

    • Extremely fast and robust compartment model fits
    • Simultaneously fit 1-5 tracers
    • Exhaustive search option guarantees best fit every time
    • Full parametric image fits in seconds (for some model configurations)
    • Up to 3 tissue compartments and 5 rate parameters for each tracer

    Visualization and Image Quality

    • 2D slice and 3D volumetric image display
    • Overlay and align image volumes
    • Change pixel size, slice thickness, slice order, image dimensions (crop or zero-pad)
    • Apply or remove decay correction
    • Apply 2D and 3D image filters
    • Draw regions-of-interest (ROIs) and image profiles
    • Apply image shears and rotations
    • Objective assessment of image quality - ROC, LROC, 2AFC (under development)

    Protected by US Patents 7,484,556 and 10,175,216; other patents may be pending.

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