Knoxville,  TN 
United States
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PHDS Co. is a bespoke provider of mechanically cooled HPGe spectrometers and Imaging spectrometers.

Brands: GeGI gamma-ray imaging spectrometer, Fulcrum, LoPro, NP Imager


  • GeGI Gamma-ray Imaging Spectrometer
    Mechanically cooled, a double sided, 16 x 16 channel strip detector, combines high resolution spectrometry, Compton, Pinhole and Coded Aperture Imaging in one device to Detect, Locate, Identify and Quantify radioactive material....

  • The GeGI detector is a pixelated planar germanium detector nominally 90 mm diameter x 11 mm thick. The detector is operated at ~ 85 K using a long-lived maintenance-free Stirling-cycle mechanical cooler, eliminating the need for liquid nitrogen.  The excellent energy resolution provides laboratory-level gamma-ray spectroscopy up to 3 MeV. More importantly, the detector pixilation provides the x-y-z location of each gamma-ray interaction in the detector, allowing the standard GeGI configuration to perform 4p Compton imaging or 60-degree pinhole-aperture planar imaging out of the box.  The Compton imaging modality is ideal for locating the highest-intensity gamma-ray source in the 4p field of view very quickly while the pinhole modality provides detailed near-field images of complex objects (drums, warheads, containers) when longer dwell times are available.  Combine this data with a wide-angle optical image, and the precise location and identity of a radioisotope is known.

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