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Syntermed, Inc., an Atlanta-based imaging and informatics software company, is a global leader in providing Cardiac, NeuroRadiology, and Oncology solutions.  Syntermed solutions power over 50% of the nuclear medicine departments worldwide. Signature products include Emory Toolbox™ AI, NeuroQ™, Syntermed Live™, and now PYLARIFY AI™.   Syntermed is proud to debut at this year's show the latest release of NeuroQ -- Version IV.  NeuroQ IV is the next generation of the widely accepted solution for quantification of Brain PET and SPECT studies.  Syntermed will also debut PYLARIFY AI, the first and only FDA-cleared artificial intelligence platform developed to assist standardized quantification of PSMA PET/CT scans.   Please visit booth 1538 to learn more about these and many other innovations including the industry's first and only AI solution for Nuclear Cardiology.   Syntermed has partnered with the leading OEMs, PACs Vendors, and Systems Integrators.

For more information about Syntermed Innovation, please visit, or email

For more information about Syntermed Innovation, please visit, or email

Brands: NeuroQ™ Emory Toolbox™ AI Syntermed Live™ Syntermed IDS™ SmartReport™ Sync tools™ Adreview™ Tools PETtools™ Flowtool™ PYLARIFY AI™

 Press Releases

  • PRWeb -- Atlanta, GA, March 09, 2022— Syntermed is proud to announce it has been appointed by Lantheus Holdings, Inc. as the first U.S. distributor of PYLARIFY AI™, the first and only FDA-cleared artificial intelligence platform developed to assist standardized quantification of PSMA PET/CT scans. Based in Atlanta, GA, since 1999, Syntermed, Inc. is a worldwide global imaging and informatics company supporting the clinical quantification of SPECT/PET cardiology and neuroradiology studies. Signature brands include Emory Toolbox AI™, NeuroQ™, Syntermed Live™, and now PYLARIFY AI.

    PYLARIFY AI employs a deep learning algorithm that has been trained and validated across more than 3,000 images to allow healthcare professionals and researchers to perform standardized quantitative assessment of PSMA PET/CT images in prostate cancer. Through rigorous analytical and clinical studies, PYLARIFY AI has demonstrated improved consistency, accuracy, and efficiency in quantitative assessment of PSMA PET/CT.[i],[ii]

    PYLARIFY AI can be deployed either as a secure web cloud application or within the secure firewall of an institution on a local server. Once deployed, the adaptive application can be integrated into an institutions existing clinical workflow, delivering a unique combination of clinical utility and technical flexibility.

    “We have a 20+ year history of collaborating with industry thought leaders to deliver innovative healthcare software solutions focused on improving clinical efficiency and patient outcomes,” said Michael Lee, CEO of Syntermed. “The opportunity to work with an industry leader such as Lantheus to enhance the integration of PSMA PET/CT into clinical practice by offering PYLARIFY AI aligns perfectly with Syntermed’s mission and expertise.” 

    For more information about PYLARIFY AI, please visit

    About Syntermed

    Since 1999, Syntermed, Inc., a privately-held nuclear medicine imaging and informatics software company based in Atlanta, GA, has served nuclear cardiology, nuclear medicine, and radiology labs worldwide through all major OEM imaging providers and leading value-added resellers, as well as, direct. Syntermed software quantifies and delivers decision support for the analysis of SPECT, PET, and CT images of the heart and brain. Emory Toolbox™, now in its fourth generation, is one of the most widely applied methods of cardiac imaging, used in labs worldwide. Version 4 is distinguished as the first Nuclear Cardiology AI platform to receive FDA 510K clearance, ISO certification, and carry a CE mark. NeuroQ™ is one of the most widely utilized software solutions for the quantification of brain studies with PET-FDG, Amyloid, SPECT, DaTscan, and Epilepsy. Syntermed Live™, which currently hosts almost 750k studies, is a cloud-based and HIPAA compliant platform used by nuclear medicine physicians to get round-the-clock secure, remote access to their studies and reports no matter where they are.

    Syntermed software solutions are compatible with virtually any nuclear medicine workstation or PC/MAC that supports Microsoft® Windows®, and also are FDA 510K cleared, have ISO Certification,  and carry a CE mark.  


    PYLARIFY AI™ Indications for Use

    PYLARIFY AI is intended to be used by healthcare professionals and researchers for acceptance, transfer, storage, image display, manipulation, quantification and reporting of digital medical images. The system is intended to be used with images acquired using nuclear medicine (NM) imaging using PSMA PET/CT. The device provides general picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) tools as well as a clinical application for oncology including marking of regions of interest and quantitative analysis.

    PYLAIRFY AI Warnings and Precautions

    The user must ensure that the patients name, ID, and study date displayed in the patient section correspond to the patient case. The user must ensure the review of the image quality and quantification analysis results before signing the report. User must review the images and quantification results in the report to ensure that the information saved and exported is correct. The quantification analysis results provided by PYLARIFY AI are intended to be used as complementary information together with other patient information. The user shall not rely solely on the information provided by PYLARIFY AI for diagnostic or treatment decisions. Quantitative indexes (ITLV, and LI) are only appropriate for PSMA PET/CT images. User should not select hotspots for studies with images that do not fulfill the Quality Control requirements. In such cases, user can create and sign a report indicating that the review cannot be done due to image quality deficiencies.

    About Prostate Cancer

    Prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer affecting men in the United States -- an estimated one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetimes. The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2021, almost 250,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed, and more than 30,000 men will die of the disease. Approximately 3.1 million men in the United States currently count themselves as prostate cancer survivors.[iii]

    Keywords:  PSMA, prostate cancer, AI, Artificial Intelligence, PET/CT


    [i]Nickols N, Anand A, Johnsson K, et al. PYLARIFY AI: A Novel Automated-PROMISE platform to Standardize Evaluation of Tumor Burden in (18)FDCFPyL (PSMA) images of Veterans with Prostate Cancer. J Nucl Med. 2021.

    [ii] Johnsson K, Brynolfsson J, Sahlstedt H, et al. Analytical performance of PYLARIFY AI: automated anatomic contextualization, detection, and quantification of [(18)F]DCFPyL (PSMA) imaging for standardized reporting. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2021

    [iii] American Cancer Society. Facts & Figures 2021. American Cancer Society. Atlanta, GA. 2021.

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