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Atlantic Instruments for Research (AI4R) is manufacturing and selling a range of digital real time autoradiography systems.

These systems Beaquant and Beaquant-S are primarily used in medical research and pharmaceutical industry , for preclinical imaging.

They are used to get high resolution images from animal slices in preclinical studies , with any kind of radioisotope (alphas , betas and gammas)

These new instruments bring state of the art specifications (sensitivity and speed/resolution/direct quantification) to this very demanding and challenging market with very precise needs , thanks to our gaseous detector patented technology and real time imaging.

The instruments are installed in numerous places throughout the world , in nuclear medicine labs , imaging centers with various applications and pharmaceutical industries

They are perfectly suited for the new theranostics applications , thanks to the excellent performance in detecting and quantifying PET and alphas isotopes.


  • BeaQuant range
    The BeaQuant range covers all the need in real-time autoradiography...

  • AI4R offers a very high performance system in real time digital autoradiography. Thanks to its intrument range, the BeaQuant and the BeaQuant-s, all the range of radioisotope is available to realize a very nice picture of the labelling. From 4 to 18 microscope slide, from mice to rat whole body autoradiography, the very high verstility and the spatial resolution of 20µm allows a perfect image reconstruction of any kind of radioactive samples. Moreover, with the radioactive counting mode, the quantification is directly accesible transforming the picture in a direct representation of the quantification. The very high sensitivity reduces drastically the exposure time (up to 100 times fold) and increases the power of seeing very weak labelling.