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Ottawa,  ON 
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Intuitive Molecular Imaging: PET/CT SPECT/CT fusion and NM and gated cardiac image processing.

For over fifteen years Convergent Imaging Solutions has been providing molecular imaging software solutions to physicians worldwide. We offer thick and thin client PET/CT, SPECT/CT, PET/MR image fusion and 3D lesion quantification, as well as nuclear medicine processing (gastric, renal, gallbladder, lung, MUGA). We have diligently incorporated years of user feedback into our products, creating a highly flexible and user customizable experience. In addition, we are integrated with and market the Cedars Sinai gated SPECT and NeuroQ brain quantification packages.

From our development base in Ottawa, Canada, and with our PACS partners, we have deployed solutions worldwide, with installations in leading institutions in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

Brands: UniSyn Molecular Imaging


  • UniSyn Molecular Imaging
    Comprehensive PET/CT, SPECT/CT, PET/MR fusion and NM workstation including volumetric SUV, MIP, extensive customization, renal, gastric, gallbladder, MUGA processing, and integrations with Cedars Cardiac Suite and Syntermed NeuroQ....


    • Automatic fusion of PET/CT, SPECT/CT and PET/MR studies.
    • Fuse series from separate scans.
    • Volumetric SUV measurements (BW, LBM, BSA).
    • Modify SUV calculation parameters if incorrectly entered in scanner.
    • Configurable image stack or single image export for referring physicians.
    • Fully customizable (hanging protocols, color maps, crosshairs, keyboard shortcuts, mouse behavior, font/measurement colors, default measurement type, and many others ...) .

    Nuclear Medicine Review and Processing

    • Processing applications: Renal, Gastric, MUGA, Gallbladder, 2D and 3D Lung uptake, thyroid, 2D and 3D image subtraction, SPECT reprojection to planar.
    • 3D alignment of separate SPECT and CT series.
    • 3D single series reorientation.
    • Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry (available in Canada, USA pending 510(k) approval)
    • Customizable color maps, gamma adjust.
    • 2D image linking for window level and zoom

    External Integrations

    • Cedars Cardiac Suite
    • Emory Toolbox
    • Syntermed NeuroQ

    PACS Integrations

    • Intelerad
    • Agfa
    • Change Healthcare
  • Image Fusion Features
    Tools for routine and advanced image fusion including MIP based triangulation, volumetric SUV measurement, lesion segmentation, full RECIST support, fusion of scans from separate studies, fast comparison, and roaming user profiles....

  • Visualization

    • High Resolution Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) with option to spin or specify fixed orientations. Click on MIP hotspots to triangulate directly to the hotspot in 2D viewports.
    • MultiPlanar Reformatted transverse, coronal and sagittal views.
    • Enhanced fusion display eliminates PET background pixels from masking the CT pixels. 
    • Display maximum voxel to verify quoted values are in the volume of interest (VOI).
    • Quickly review priors through the MIP SUV summary.
    • Specify initially displayed SUV range for consistency between patient studies.
    • Specify fixed CT window viewports in hanging protocol.


    • Maximum, average, minimum SUV in user defined volume.
    • Body weight, lean body mass, and body surface area SUV.
    • SUV calculator: adjust SUV calculation inputs.
    • Autocalculate short axis and VOI boundaries using long axis.
    • Intensity based autosegmentation to determine lesion area and volume. 
    • Store/restore measurements. Transfer prior measurements to current study.
    • Full support for RECIST lesion tracking.

     Study Comparison:

    • Compare two or more studies.
    • Specify hanging protocols for comparison mode.
    • Configurable comparison display: Left/right (current on left/right) or top/bottom (current on top/bottom).
    • Autoaligment and synchronized zoom, pan, stack of loaded studies.
    • Transfer prior measurements to current study.

    User Based Application Customization

    • User based, roaming preferences means you get the same display from wherever you are reading.
    • All of the following, plus many others, may be customized:
      • Hanging protocols for single study and comparison views.
      • Color maps, crosshairs, on screen displayed statistics, right click tools.
      • Specify double click zoom in single or comparison mode.
      • Keyboard shortcuts, mouse button behavior.
      • Font type, ROI/VOI colors.
  • Nuclear Medicine Review and Processing
    Comprehensive suite of nuclear medicine processing and review applications including Renal, Gastric, MUGA, Gallbladder, 2D and 3D Lung uptake, thyroid, 2D and 3D image subtraction, radiation dosimetry (Canada only), and SPECT reprojection to planar....

  • Renal and Gallbladder Processing:

    • Full kidney, cortex and pelvis statistics and curves provided separately.
    • Automatic background generation.
    • Adjustments for patient movement during scan.
    • Identify diuretic injection time.
    • Exponential fit of emptying curve between defined start and end points.

    Gastric Processing:

    • Automatically mirror drawn regions to posterior frames.
    • Independent control of regions on all frames.
    • Elashoff curve fit.
    • Statistics may be derived from curve fit or original points.

    MUGA Processing:

    • Automatic determination of ES frame.
    • Amplitude, phase images and phase histogram.
    • Calculation of ED and ES volumes, ejection fraction.

    2D Lung Processing:

    • Automatic division of user drawn lung regions into two or three subregions.
    • Automatic mirroring to posterior image.
    • Regions and number of regions per lung may be adjusted.

    2D Thyroid Processing:

    • Automatic division of thyroid lobes and volume calculation.
    • Left/right lobe uptake comparison.

    2D/3D Image Subtraction (Thyroid/Parathyroid):

    • 2D/3D fusion display and adjustment.
    • Variable subtraction scale.
    • Export of subtracted image.

    SPECT Reprojection:

    • Generate and export multiple attenuation corrected planar projections of SPECT lung scans.

    Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry (Canada only; USA availability pending 510(k) approval):

    • Comprehensive organ-level dosimetry including patient-specific mass adjustment and uncertainty analysis.
    • Single-time point dosimetry including patient-specific and Hänscheid options available.
    • Automatic normal tissue and semi-automatic tumor segmentation.
    • Fast dosimetry report generation.
    • Flexible and customizable design.


    • Sum dynamic frames.
    • Export results page to PACS.