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Standardized Radiopharmaceuticals, based on the all-integrative Platform TERACARRIER, for intractable cancer treatment

ZTI BIOSCIENCES develops radiopharmaceuticals for cancer therapeutics based on a platform, that can integrate any Ligand or Radioisotope, called the TERACARRIER.

It fundamentally prevents the leeching of radioactive payloads with an unbreakable iron-grid. Beginning with iodine-131, TERACARRIERs are also applicable to all existing isotopes, such as Lutetium-177 & Actinium-225, preventing the issue of bone marrow accumulation in the body.

The core patented materials’ nanotech, will allow us to unearth the full potential of Radio Isotopes, starting with Iodine-131, which mankind has only scratched its surface for the last 70 years. 

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Brands: TERACARRIER / Mag-I / Zhyper-X


[TERACARRIER] Radiopharmaceutical Platform

 Press Releases

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_5k8QiHGWo

    YTN, an official major broadcaster in Korea had an exclusive interview with ZTI BIOSCIENCES, the national leader in radiopharmaceuticals.

    Dr. Jaden H. Chang, CEO of ZTI BIOSCIENCES explains the nature of Radio Ligand Therapy. CTO Dr. Eugene Park explains ZTI's basic tech. 
    The guest in this weekly bio session, ZTI Biosciences, has created a versatile platform for Radiopharmaceuticals to revolutionize the market to tackle highly resistant and recurring oncology properly. ZTI's Nano-Carrier Platform, with the success of fully bind-locking Iodine-131, has the capability of bindlocking any therapeutic isotope. Functioning as a fully integrative Platform with the compatibility for any targeting ligand. 
    Secondly, the RadioPharmaceutical industry, with its heavy dependency on the supply of isotopes, has limitations due to an isotope's half-life lasting from days to only hours. Thus, it's impossible to stockpile storage due to its scarcity and time sensitivity, and it requires a sufficient supply network to meet these difficulties. ZTI has made a solution for the scarcity and time sensitivity of radioisotope therapeutics by developing a never before auto synthesis system, which has opened a new pathway for radioisotope theragnostics.


    TERACARRIER, an all-integrative radiopharmaceutical platform applicable to any existing commercial radioligand or isotope....



    The TERACARRIER functions as an all-integrative Radiopharmaceutical Platform for any existing Radioligands & Isotopes. It is the first & only technology in the world that can fully bind-lock the radioisotopes, with the targeting ligands, within the iron-oxide nano-particle based core. Unlike conventional chelators/linkers, ZTI’s carrier physically locks the radioisotopes within, TERACARRIER based drugs are immune to chemical leeching of radioisotopes within the body. This tech will improve the targeting rate of radiopharmaceuticals and prevent off-target side effects from free isotopes broken off the drugs.


    Nano-tech built iron-oxide core is capable of physically imprisoning any type of numerous isotopes within removing the issue of free radioisotopes after injection. The LNP shell that covers the core is applicable with any existing commercial targeting ligands. A single carrier can hold numerous isotopes & ligands, and yet still within the size of only 4.5nm.


    ZTI tech will standardize the development of radiopharmaceuticals, bringing exponential versatility in indications and pipelines, providing a symbiotic platform for every existing oncological Radioligand Therapy. 

  • Zhyper-X
    Zhyper-X is a miniaturized TERACARRIER based Radiopharmaceuticals' synthesizer that has a fully automated system to manufacture, process and package nuclear medicine...

  • Zhyper-X



    Miniaturized Synthesis Technology for TERACARRIER based Radiopharmaceuticals. Enabling rapid field deployment of drug manufacturing through miniaturization & automation of the producer machine.



    Zhyper-X® is a fully automated TERACARRIER based Radiopharmaceutical synthesizer that can cover the entire process of synthesis-refinement-formulation-QC/QA-Packaging. The auto-system can produce a ready-to-go radioisotope drug within 24hours. The miniaturization simplifies the manufacturing establishment allowing the field deployment of the synthesis device. Thus, Zhyper-X® can solve, not only the short half-life issue, but also remove the necessity of initial asset investment and time to set up facilities for radiopharmaceutical manufacturing through the fast deployment of miniaturized devices. ZTI BIOSCIENCES sets the next standard for the production & logistics of Radiopharmaceuticals. 


    Field Synthesis

    ZTI’s Radiopharmaceuticals can be administered within 24 hours from production with the technology enabling the field synthesis near hospitals by miniaturization & automation of the drug producer machine. ZTI’s Radiopharmaceutical Synthesis Technology will bring the best solution to the short half-life of nuclear medicine.

    With ZTI’s cold-type drug & radioisotopes ready supplied, the Zhyper-X can produce and purify to produce ready-to-go radiopharmaceuticals within 24hours. This will allow us access to the best to the counter strategy against the short half-life issue of radioisotope therapy.

    With Zhyper-X installed near designated hospitals, we can remove the lead time that is spent with facility manufacturing + packaging + delivery.

    In conventional Radiopharmaceuticals’ logistics, the Delivery alone, after manufacturing and packaging is done, is expected to take at least 3-4days minimum. But with the field synthesis technology available, we can directly ship the isotopes to the Zhyper-X installed sites to have the radioisotopes ready in 24 hours. Just have the drug carriers ready and isotopes delivered a day before, by the time the patient arrives for the administration, the nuclear medicine will have 90% of it’s efficacy still intact. 

  • Mag-L & Mag-I
    Mag-L & Mag-I are therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals based on the TERACARRIER that utilizes Lutetium-177 & iodine-131 isotopes as payloads and Folate as targeting agents...

  • Mag-L & Mag-I


    Mag-L & Mag-I are therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals based on the TERACARRIER that utilizes Lutetium-177 & iodine-131 isotopes as payloads and Folate as targeting agents. With ZTI’s original Tech, radioisotopes cannot break off the drug to cause side-effects as free isotopes within the body. 


    Utilizing pre-approved components

    Prescribers(MDs) can be assured of safety because all the components of both the Mag-I & Mag-L are FDA approved & already used routinely in clinical trials. Even after the FDA approval, a new drug still needs to be selected by prescribers. A new drug must be safe enough, to ensure the established MDs, that there is no risk to their careers in using the drug.