Phantech LLC

Madison,  WI 
United States
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Phantech is your one-stop shop for innovative and customizable preclinical and clinical phantoms.

Phantech (Phantom Technology) designs, engineers and builds innovative and customizable phantom technology for the QA/QC, calibration, characterization and correction of biomedical imaging modalities including PET, SPECT, CT, optical (FL/BLI), MPI, MRI, ultrasound and radioluminescence. Phantech serves the worldwide biomedical imaging field with a mission to provide the imaging community with innovative phantom technology in order to drive more accurate, streamlined and standardized quantitative and quality management procedures. As a team of molecular imaging researchers, biomedical engineers and imaging scientists, Phantech understands the needs of our customers because develop and then apply our technology in our own imaging and therapy facilities! For example, we have developed a patented linear filling technology to overcome the presence of bubbles that compromise the accuracy of medical images, and we apply this novel concept to other preclinical and clinical phantom designs such as our partial volume correction phantoms. Most recently, Phantech has partnered with Gremse-IT (Imalytics software) to develop automated contouring of our phantoms to standardize and expedite image analysis.

If you are an imaging system manufacturer, we would like to partner with you! Phantech can create customizable phantoms kits for your imaging system and your customers. 


Brands: Linear channel Derenzo phantom, partial volume correction phantoms, gradient phantoms, Jaszczak, linearity, homogeneity, anthropomorphic


Filling Phantech single channel hot rod derenzo in less than 1 minute with no air bubbles!
Filling Phantech's Partial Volume Correction Phantom in less than 1min with no air bubbles!