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To guard the health and well-being of humankind

Jiangsu Huayi Technology Co., Ltd. is a fully integrated provider of radiopharmaceuticals in China. We develop, manufacture, and distribute high-quality radiopharmaceutical products. CDMO services are offered to our global clients. We support projects from initial research phase to commercial production.

One of the divisions, Huayi Isotopes Co. (HIC), manufactures and distributes stable isotopes, PET and SPECT precursors, reagents kits, cassettes, and sterile vials etc. Products of HIC are supplied to clients around the world. 

We are client-oriented and determined to build and foster long-term partnerships with our clients. Since the company was established in 2001, we have been dedicated to serving the nuclear medicine industry. Since 2014, we have been setting up nuclear medicine manufacturing sites strategically. Our integrated radiopharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution network will enable us to reach most of the patients in China. 

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  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • CDMO Services for Radiopharmaceuticals
  • O-18 Water
  • Total Solutions for PET Consumables
  • Biochemicals
  • Sterile Vials
  • CMO Services (API, Reagents Kit & Cassettes, FIll/Finish)

Brands: Huayi Isotopes Co. (HIC)