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Welcome to GenesisCare Research and Insights, your trusted global partner for theranostics research.

GenesisCare Research and Insights is the clinical research arm of GenesisCare. Through our Contract Research Organisation, Imaging Research Organisation, and global network of treatment centres, we provide our clients access to full service clinical research services, tailored central imaging, and nuclear medicine dosimetry services. 

GenesisCare has a rapidly expanding global network of  treatment centres with nuclear medicine capabilities and a proven ability to accelerate the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals. 

Our global network of nuclear medicine physicians, physicists, and technologists, allows us to provide well-designed research that can adapt to changing technical, regulatory and sponsor needs. 

Our extensive clinical research experience in theranostics translates into a deep, unmatched knowledge of radiopharmaceutical logistics and theranostic delivery. Our global network provides our customers access to a significant global patient population, clinical trial sites, as well as a broad bench of experienced nuclear medicine physicians and key opinion leaders. 

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 Press Releases

  • GenesisCare, Radiopharm Theranostics Partner to Bring World-First Novel Radiopharmaceuticals to Australian Cancer Patients

    • Multi-year strategic research partnership will see Radiopharm Theranostics collaborate with GenesisCare’s integrated CRO and SRO network to develop new therapies on Australian soil.
    • Research partnership brings together two Australian healthcare innovators, committed to increasing access to novel radiopharmaceutical treatments for patients with complex, hard-to-treat cancers.
    • Australia has become a world-leader in R&D for Theranostics and precision medicine, due to favourable regulatory landscape and leading experts in the field.

    Sydney, Australia – GenesisCare, a leading global provider of integrated cancer care, and Radiopharm Theranostics, a clinical-stage radiotherapeutics company, have today announced a new strategic research collaboration to develop novel radiopharmaceuticals for Australians living with complex, hard-to-treat cancers. The partnership will see Radiopharm Theranostics and GenesisCare conduct several world-first Phase 1 clinical trials in Australia, focusing on areas of high-unmet need in oncology.

    As part of the collaboration, GenesisCare’s Contract Research Organisation (CRO) and Imaging Research Organisation (IRO), has already been awarded contracts to implement three Phase 1 clinical trials in Australia, involving Radiopharm’s platform of radiopharmaceutical nanobodies.1,2

    Radiopharmaceuticals are designed to deliver small doses of radiation to specifically targeted cells for either therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. Effective cancer radiopharmaceuticals require tumour-specific targets not found in healthy tissue.3 To date, the majority of clinical developments in radiopharmaceuticals have targeted metastatic prostate cancer and neuroendocrine tumours.4

    Radiopharm’s Australian research pipeline includes:

    1.      Phase 1 trial involving Radiopharm’s proprietary nanobody from its Nano-mAbs platform which targets the PDL1 expression in non-small cell lung cancer

    2.     Phase 1 trial involving Radiopharm’s PSA targeting antibody which targets free human prostate kallikrein (PSA) in prostate cancer cells

    3.     Phase 1 trial involving Radiopharm’s Dunp-19 antibody targeting LRRC15 expression in osteosarcoma

    Radiopharm’s Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Riccardo Canevari, said: “Radiopharmaceuticals are quickly becoming a highly promising therapeutic frontier in oncology, offering new hope to patients who may have exhausted all other treatment options.

    “We are delighted to be extending and strengthening our partnership with GenesisCare, a world-leader in cancer care, to advance the future of radiopharmaceuticals and improve access to innovative therapies for patients all over the world.”

    GenesisCare’s Chief Scientific Officer, Research & Insights, Dr Danielle Meyrick, PhD, said: “GenesisCare’s CRO is a world leading provider of clinical, imaging, and dosimetric services for the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

    “We are delighted to be partnering with Radiopharm on its exciting pipeline of research in Australia. Together we hope to unlock and realise the full potential of Theranostics as a key pillar of modern cancer therapy.

    This R&D collaboration brings together two Australian-founded healthcare companies, who share the same commitment to investing and developing new therapies in Australia, and scaling patient access to these innovations in a faster and more affordable way,” concluded Dr Meyrick.


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