Brightonix Imaging Inc.

Korea (South)
  • Booth: 7095

Brightonix Imaging is a innovative healthcare company established with the goal to provide society with innovative biomedical imaging devices and AI solutions. We are currently offering medical imaging AI solutions for automated brain PET image quantification and SimPET, the most compact and reliable MRI compatible SiPM PET insert for truly simultaneous PET/MRI studies in small animals, to molecular imaging scientists. 

BTXBrain, Brightonix Imaging’s AI-powered automated brain PET quantification software is designed with user-friendly interfaces for easy interactions and logically connected functions, providing a comprehensive report on brain PET tracer uptake. 

Brightonix Imaging is also developing the clinical PET scanner for brain and other peripheral organs with support from Korea Medical Device Development Fund.

Brands: BTXBrain, SimPET


  • BTXBrain
    - AI-based PET quantitative analysis without MR images
    - One-click & user-friendly software interfaces
    - A comprehensive report generation...

  • BTXbrain is an AI-based automated quantification software for brain PET. It requires only brain PET images as input and takes less than 30 seconds to perform spatial normalization and quantitative analyses. Images even with severe atrophy are spatially normalized with high accuracy and reliability. It is designed with user-friendly interfaces for easy interactions and logically connected functions. A summary of data information and regional brain quantification results can be downloaded or uploaded to PACS. 
  • SimPET
    The most compact & reliable SiPM-based small animal PET systems for hybrid imaging and standalone use...

  • SimPET is an advanced SiPM-based PET insert for truly simultaneous PET/MR imaging with a compact design and low power consumption, and excellent PET detector stability. SimPET can be combined with various MRIs (1T - 9.4T), and can also be used as a standalone system.
  • PharosPET
    Multi-functional PET with high sensitivity and spatial resolution...

  • PharosPET is specially designed for imaging of the brain and peripheral region. The variable detector head and patient bed of PharosPET enable optimal patient positioning according to the imaging region. With PharosPET, brain imaging in both sitting and lying positions, breast imaging and periphery image are possible. The high sensitivity and spatial resolution of PharosPET provide significantly higher efficiency in brain imaging compared to conventional whole-body PET/CT. AI-based image processing and quantification technologies make PharosPET more powerful.