MIM Software Inc.

Cleveland,  OH 
United States
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MIM Software Inc. is committed to enhancing patient care.

MIM Software offers a comprehensive suite of applications to support Radiology and Nuclear Medicine's important role in the patient care pathway. MIM Software products emphasize the importance of quantitation, collaboration, and data management to provide physicians with the information needed to generate confident clinical guidance and inform effective treatments.

MIM Encore® is theranostics ready with image display, segmentation, and registration tools that address the unique needs of emerging radiotracers. MIM SurePlan™ MRT offers tools to support the feasibility of molecular radiotherapy dosimetry within the busy Nuclear Medicine workflow. Quantitative images are needed to calculate accurate dosimetry, and MIM SPECTRA Quant™ provides a vendor-neutral SPECT reconstruction method that pairs dynamically with existing SPECT/CT cameras.

MIM Assistant® automates traditional clinical tasks and centralizes images and related data to a single repository. Flexible deployment options allow easy access to MIM Software from anywhere. The result is greater access to critical patient information in collaborative settings like tumor boards or for use in dictated reports.

Brands: MIM Encore®, MIM SurePlan™ LiverY90, MIM SurePlan™ MRT, SPECTRA™ Quant, MIMneuro®, MIMcardiac®, MIM Assistant®, MIM Zero Footprint, MIMcloud®