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Comecer, an ATS company, is a developer and manufacturer of high-tech systems in the field of Aseptic Processing and Containment for Pharmaceutical Industries. It operates in the Radiopharmaceutical sector through the production of shielding systems and equipment for special applications, both for large industrial groups and for research institutions.

Comecer designs and builds systems and equipment for the safe treatment of radioactive substances used in Nuclear Medicine, guaranteeing minimum exposure to the operator, total decontamination and inalterability in any working condition. In particular, Comecer excels in the field of radiochemistry where, on behalf of large industrial groups or research institutes, it manufactures shielding systems for special applications.

Comecer products, such as shielded hot cells, synthesis and dispensing isolators, solid target systems and radiopharma injectors, are used in the most advanced and prestigious research centres, universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.