CMR Molecular Imaging

Carlsbad,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 3094

We are a global medical technology company committed to providing peace of mind to patients and physicians alike through the use of MBI and PET as secondary screening and diagnostic tools.

Both the LumaGEM Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) system and the Solo II™ High Resolution Breast PET system have advanced photonics and image processing that provide images with a resolution as small as 1.6 mm. The high sensitivity and specificity of our products provide highly accurate imaging information that enable physicians to detect and treat breast cancer.

Our Stereo Navigator is the first FDA-cleared commercially available breast PET guided biopsy accessory.

CMR Molecular Imaging is a unit of CMR Naviscan. We are headquartered in Carlsbad, California, US FDA registered and ISO 13485:2012 certified.

Brands: Naviscan Solo II PET Scanner Stereo Navigator Biopsy Guidance Accessory LumaGEM Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI)


  • LumaGEM Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) System
    Dual CZT Detector Breast Imaging System. Gamma Imaging using low-dose Tc-99 Sestamibi.
    Biopsy Guidance under development.
    Touch Screen, hand and foot controls.
    Small footprint.

  • LumaGEM MBI System uses technology developed by Mayo Clinic phycisians, scientists and technocians, licensed exclusively to CMR Naviscan.  Current system uses a low dose of 240 - 300 MBq of 99Tc-Sestamibi for imaging.  Ultra low dose imaging (when compared with current system) of 150 MBq or lower using Clear MBI image-processing algorithm (licensed from Photon Tech Solutions) is under development. [1].  Current MBI applications are:  Supplemental Screening, Extent of Disease, Response to Neoadjuvent Chemotherapy, Problem Solving and Risk Assesment. [2]

    CZT Dual Detectors, Registered Tugsten Collimators. Application Sofware includin static/dinamic acquisition and processing modes. Dicom 3.1, Windows 10 OS

    References: [1] Tao et al, AJR 214-Jan 2020 [2] K. Hunt, SBIJ 416-426 Jul 2021