Optimized Radiochemical Applications

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Evolve into NEPTIS®. Connecting You to reliable automated synthesis units.

Whether you are looking to double your output or have reliable and unmatchable synthesizers in your radiochemistry lab, look no further than NEPTIS®!   At ORA, we have been at the forefront of the radiopharmaceutical industry providing multi-purpose radiochemistry synthesizers to academic and commercial institutions.  Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for your lab’s research and development, and production needs.  The proven expertise of ORA, coupled with the NEPTIS®  platform extensive regulatory documentation support, make it possible for your lab to maximize the production of PET tracers and advance the development of new pharmaceuticals to market.

ORA is a ISO13485:2016 certified company, headquartered in Neuville, Belgium.

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Brands: NEPTIS® Perform, NEPTIS® NaF, NEPTIS® RS, NEPTIS® LC, NEPTIS® DB, NEPTIS® SP, NEPTIS® xSeed, NEPTIS® Designer, NEPTIS® Virtual Synthesizer, NEPTIS® Trending, Quality Control, Custom services.