Vancouver,  BC 
  • Booth: 1065

Reliable and Agile Worldwide Solutions Provider

isoSolutions provides a one-stop shopping service as well as technical support for nuclear medicine applications to customers all over the world including Radiochemicals, Radiopharmaceuticals, Stable isotopes, Sealed sources, Synthesizers, Shielding Equipment, Labeled compounds, and QC Instruments. At our booth, you will find a display of some of the products used for diagnostic or therapeutic applications. We supply a wide range of Isotopes, including Ga-68 Generators, Lu-177, Cu-67, Sr-89, I-124, I-125, I-131, Zr-89 & Mo-99, Cyclotron products, and equipment; and Stable Isotopes such as O18 Water, Zn-68, and several others. An automated labeling module complements these products for development work or preprogrammed syntheses, a complete line of QC instruments, and radiation shielding products. In 2023, we are launching the first set of products for use in the production of solid target chemistry including a solid target station with a beamline isolation module. isoSolutions has patent claims pending in multiple geographies for these proprietary products. We take pride in having a multi-cultural and geographically dispersed sales and logistics team located all over the world.

Brands: Elysia-raytest/ International Isotopes/iThemba Labs, IRE EliT/Isotopia/McMaster/Nukem Isotopes/ORA Neptis/RadQual/Stracotek/QBioMed