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Sedecal Molecular Imaging & Scintica

SEDECAL is a leading company focused on providing state of the art technological solutions to improve patient care, with 5 leading divisions: OEM Division, medical radiology; Preclinical Division, PET and PET/CT; Veterinary Division, veterinary radiology; Ozone Division, medical ozone generation; Industrial Subcontracting Division, printed circuit boards, electronic systems and electromechanical systems.

Our CT, PET and PET/CT are a powerful family of tools for small-animal molecular imaging that delivers high-performance functional molecular imaging technology for biomedical research.

At SCINTICA, we provide high-value instrumentation and research solutions to scientists and the preclinical research community to advance science and medicine.

We carry a diverse portfolio of products, ranging from PET, CT, MRI, optical, DEXA, intravital microscopy, photoacoustic and high-frequency ultrasound systems, lab equipment, workstations, incubators, tissue culture analysis, and much more. As a leading supplier of medical research tools and instruments, Scintica provides elite applications and technical support and a platform for scientists to share their scientific findings. Our mission is to link scientists with the right precision tools and instruments to further research.



  • SUPER ARGUS PT/CT --- Making the invisible detecta
    - Real time PET: PET imaging revolution.
    - MULTITRACER: Enable Multiplex PET Imaging.
    - Multianimal studies....

  • SUPER ARGUS PT/CT   ----   Molecular Imaging Solutions: Real time Pet + Multitracer+Multianimals studies

    The SuperArgus PET/CT power is its Advanced crystal technology -The Phoswich detector technology provides true depth-of-interaction (tDOI) or parallax-correcting capability, implemented through dual-scintillator phosphor sandwich detector modules.


    • Highest resolution in the market.
    • Uniform resolution across the entire FOV
    • Highest sensitivity.
    • Highest dynamic time frame resolution: 2.5 ms
    • Time stamp acquisition electronic
    • Fully modular electronics.
    • Parallel electronics acquisition, non multiplexing
    • Superior image uniformity
    • Faster scan times
    • Fully integrated components
    • Compact footprint


    • Unique DOI Technology
    • Unique REAL TIME PET Imaging
    • Multi animal exams
    • From Murine to Primate Imaging capabilities.
    • Sub-millimetric and uniform Resolution.
    • Ultra Fast 3D OSEM reconstruction 
    • Upgradable path among the different model