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Wolfmet Tungsten Reduces Radiation Dose Rates

For 50 years Wolfmet has been the leader in tungsten radiation protection. Renowned for custom-made tungsten shielding, Wolfmet is used in applications such as syringe and vial shields, FDG transport pigs and radionuclide generators. In addition, due to the arrival of multi-modal MRI, we offer MRI-compatible tungsten shielding.

Key to Wolfmet’s popularity is its high density; it’s more than 60% denser than lead, providing superior attenuation characteristics for x-ray and gamma radiation. We also specialize in working with clients to produce tailor-made shielding.

Tungsten Shielding:

  • Easy to clean & sterilize
  • Lighter & thinner shielding with same protection as lead
  • Clean to handle: no protective paint required
  • Environmentally stable, non-toxic & inert (RoHS compliant)
  • Lightweight & unbreakable

Wolfmet 3D

Wolfmet 3D allows us to 3D print tungsten parts. This facilitates the design of complex tungsten collimators (e.g. slit-slat, lofthole) providing improved quality of image.

Wolfmet 3D - The Benefits

  • Reduced septal penetration
  • Compatible with SPECT/MRI scanners
  • Improved imaging quality
  • No tooling costs for new designs
  • Rapid production of prototypes

Wolfmet is a product of M&I Materials - a leading manufacturer of specialist materials for demanding applications.

Brands: We manufacture Wolfmet Tungsten Alloys and can 3D print pure tungsten using Wolfmet 3D.