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Welcome to the Hidex on-line booth

Hidex is a world leader in detection of alpha, beta and gamma emitters. Our liquid scintillation and gamma counters are used worldwide in development and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals using Actinium, Radium, Thorium, Lutetium, Strontium, Yttrium and other isotopes. Our gamma counters are optimized for molecular imaging, isotope energies and streamlined for workflow, sample tracking and GxP compliance.
At SNNMI Hidex is exhibiting:
  • automated gamma counting. the Hidex AMG automatic NaI well detector with on board sample balance is ideal for metabolic studies, blood input function curves, Glucomerase filtration rate or general nuclear medicine applications. 
  • Hidex Radiowater Generator is an online system for preparation of Oxygen-15 H2O infusions. With approx 50 installation Hidex is the pioneer in Oxygen-15 water technology.
  • Our Liquid scintillation counters 300SL and 600SL series are used by radiopharmaceutical production facilities for development and quality control of medical use isotopes, detection of impurities, contamination control with wipe tests as well as activity standardization. 
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Brands: Hidex AMG Gamma Counter, Hidex Radiowater Generator, Hidex Liquid Scintillation Coounters