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United States
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Software for the Molecular Imaging Community

ec² Software Solutions

ec² Software Solutions and our partner company, Numa LLC, are focused on developing and commercializing workflow and compatibility solutions for the molecular imaging community. Together, with over 60 years’ experience, ec² and Numa provide innovative management solutions for cyclotrons, radiopharmacies, hot lab operations, multi-vendor connectivity, archiving and reporting. Our systems are presently installed in 6000 + facilities worldwide.

We provide Enterprise Solutions that secure ePHI patient data and consolidate installations all in a scalable architecture. The HL7 / DICOM Modality Worklist interfaces enhance scheduling and eliminate redundant data entry. NumaStatus can export patient dosimetry and dose information to the cameras, RIS/PACS or Dose Management system using DICOM secondary capture and Radiopharmaceutical Radiation Dose Structured Report (RRD SR). The HL7 export module and deliver dose information to the EMR and MAR.

Our online ordering (OLO) e-prescribing solutions are used by hundreds of commercial radiopharmacies and their customers in the U.S. and international markets. OLO eliminates transcription errors and enhances patient safety.

Brands: NMIS Biodose Patient Reporting Program (PRP) DoseSec²ure BioRx RMIS BioTrax QMS BioPointe NumaStatus NumaLink NumaStore NumaList