Exhibitor Service Kit

An email with the link to the exhibitor service kit will be emailed to the attention of the Exhibit Representative specified on the contract. The kit will be available online only. You will receive an email from Freeman with your login credentials.



(888) 508-5054



800.995.3579 Toll Free US & Canada or +1.512.982.4187 or +1.817.607.5183 Local & International Shipping Services or fax +1.469.621.5810 or email exhibit.transportation@freeman.com

  • Each booth is 10x10 and will contain a 8' high white and grey draped back-wall and 36” high sidewalls.  The aisle carpet color will be tuxedo (black and white) and will be provided by The Aesthetic Society. 
  • Care is to be used so as not to obstruct those exhibiting in adjacent spaces.  Please refer to the booth layout designs and guidelines. This includes, and is not limited to, island booths.
  • Individual booths in The Aesthetic Marketplace are not carpeted.
  • Carpeting/professional flooring is mandatory in all booths.
  • No solid exhibit construction will be permitted to exceed 42 inches in height except in the back half of the space.  No exceptions will be made in regard to the solid back or side wall construction of any booth.
  • Exhibit booth structure for design and lighting purposes will be allowed a maximum of 16 feet.
  • No two story booths may be erected
  •  All materials used in display construction or decorating must be made of fire retardant materials and be certified as flame retardant.
  •  All exhibitors should provide space within the confines of their area for attendees. Space must be provided so that the audience for any demonstrations or discussions may stand within the exhibitor's space, rather than the aisle.

Standard exhibit booth furniture, signs, rental exhibits and other services may be obtained through Freeman at the exhibitor's expense and can be found in the Exhibitor Service Kit.


The assembly, erection, dismantling, packing and unpacking of displays must be done by union labor, if tools are required.


The handling, placing or displaying of merchandise does not require union labor and may be done by the exhibitor.


All additional manpower needed must be hired through Freeman.


Order forms for all services can be found in the Exhibitor Service Kit which will be emailed to each exhibitor.


The exhibitors are urged to place their orders in advance for efficient, timely service.

Freeman will maintain an onsite service desk for the convenience of the exhibitors during the installation.


Dismantling periods to cover all requirements will be in operation throughout the meeting.

For assistance or inquiries please contact event management.