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Welcome at Gremse-IT GmbH! We support your preclinical imaging studies by simplifying and accelerating your image analysis!

In 2016, CEO Dr. Felix Gremse founded the company and successfully commercialized his first software product ‘Imalytics Preclinical’. Imalytics Preclinical is mainly used for reconstruction, 3D-visualization, interactive segmentation, and analysis of preclinical image data sets. It can be applied to a wide variety of biomedical imaging studies such as cancer research, pharmacokinetical analyses, gastroenterological issues, or bone analysis. It supports data sets from several modalities such as CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, and optical imaging. Because the software is widely applicable, it was already used by several pharma companies (Rocher, Bayer) as well as by research institutes. Thereby, it supported publishing over 130 scientific research articles.

Nowadays, Gremse-IT GmbH has been successfully established on the preclinical imaging market, cooperates with national and international companies and clients, and is continuously growing. Our interdisciplinary team consists of scientists with an excellent theoretical knowledge, but also with long years of practical experience in the field.

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  • Imalytics Preclinical
    Imalytics Preclinical is an innovative software for fast interactive segmentation, reconstruction, 3D-visualization, and analysis of biomdedical image data sets with a user-friendly interface....

  • Main advantages of Imalytics Preclinical:


    The Imalytics Preclinical software uses the massive processing power of a GPU (graphics processing unit) to speed up processing time for segmentation and rendering, to achieve a fast interactive workflow. Images and movies can be generated and saved in real time.


    The program is easy to use and does not need any prior knowledge. It includes an informative and well-understandable manual as well as more than ten tutorial videos showing the first steps and basic analysis with the software.  All the training videos come along with the data set that is shown in the respective video tutorial. Thus, the user can practice with the same data set. Users quickly learn to use the software after a few hours.


    With the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Imalytics Preclinical can be used on every computer (Windows, MAC) and is a perfect home office solution! There aren´t any special technical requirements or the download of special software or drivers needed. You can start immediately using Imalytics Preclinical for your image analysis.

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